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HQ MWR Horse Patrol Centennial Hoodie

HQ MWR Horse Patrol Centennial Hoodie

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Taking pre-orders now through November 28th. We will then move into production and start shipping on December 8th.

Sizes run snug, please size up if between measurements.

Celebrate a century of dedicated service with the HQ MWR Horse Patrol Centennial Hoodie. Crafted with passion, this hoodie bears the iconic Horse Patrol logo proudly on the front left chest, symbolizing a rich history of vigilance. The back is adorned with a striking Centennial Logo—a circle of silhouetted Horse Patrol agents standing guard around the number 100. The “1” is ingeniously represented by a border monument, a familiar sight to our agents, set against a backdrop of majestic mountain silhouettes. Below, the motto "Honor First" anchors the design, encapsulating the ethos of the force.


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